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Noah, Alan, Zach and Ryan left their home planet Earth aboard a space shuttle that launched from their city Aven. Once in space, they were victims of an accident and ejected from the shuttle into outer space. Then they supernaturally reached a dimension, which proved to be the fulfilment of their dreams. There, they made the discovery of the century – the people featuring as characters in comics and cartoons exist.

The first person they met in Nootra, city of superheroes, was Denver, the Last Dinosaur. Denver and his companions, Wally, Shades, Jeremy and Mario, accepted to help them find their way back home. The Green Dino Band disguised the Earthlings as four football players of Nootra. Zach was camouflaged as Cesare, Alan as Yann, Noah as Benjamin and Ryan as Papan. So they outsmarted the vigilante Batman and entered the city.

Though nearly unmasked by Hawkeye and his daughter Rain, things rather went well for them and they visited some neighbourhoods of Westside Nootra. They fell into real trouble when the true Cesare and Yann met them in the streets. These were angry that their images were used for the cloning. Cesare and Yann stood against Zach and Ryan to fight them. Noah watched the unfortunate scene and she was sorry. Her friends were about to fight her football heroes.

Some minutes before this took place, the true Benjamin and the true Papan with Eric, Lucas, Roberto, Bruno, Ach, Voltz and other teammates of Nootra’s Wings made their way to the city after their training. They reached the city gates and thought of teasing Batman to chase the seriousness away from him.

Ach: “Hello bat head, what’s up? Are you still at this boring thing you call a job?”
Lucas: “I don’t want to be in your place. You stand here for hours while we’re having all the fun. You should come and play with us sometimes.”

Batman: “How can your training be fun? You’re in the final and you mustn’t take it lightly children.”
Benjamin: “We’re only doing the work we love; that’s why it’s such a fun. We want you to join us in our next session.”
Voltz: “Can Batman play football? Superheroes are hopeless when it comes to playing football.”
Bruno: “They may be superheroes but they stand no chance against me in the ball game.”
Batman: “Don’t underestimate my abilities children. I can do many things. I used to play with some good old friends when I was younger.”
Roberto: “Batman a kid? You must be joking. I bet you he appeared in this world exactly as he is now.”
Voltz: “Yea; because if ever he had been a kid, it would be something like a Batkid; all dressed up in his batsuit ready to fight crime.”

Roberto: “Yea; and he talked about friends. Who would want to be friends with a guy whose attitude drives everyone away?”
Bruno: “An unwelcoming aura, you mean.”
Eric: “That’s not true. Batman has many friends in the city. He’s in the Justice League and his teammates are his friends.”
Bruno: “The ‘just us league’, you meant.”

Ach: “What a team! It comprises only the mightiest among the mighty. They’re unbeatable except for the unprecedented.”
Batman: “And the unprecedented always occurs Ach. Thanks for taking my defence Eric though having friends isn’t my priority. My main concern is to protect Nootra against any internal or external threat. The rest doesn’t matter.”
Benjamin: “I disagree with you there Day Knight. The rest is what makes the former possible. You can’t protect the city if you don’t care about its people.”

Eric: “You mentioned some friends of yours. It’s obvious they’re the ones because of whom you’re a fighter. To me, everything is worthless if not done out of love for people.”
Lucas: “Look at me batty, I play football not only for myself, but also for my friends. I used to play alone but I wasn’t happy. It’s great fun when we’re playing together as a team. You’re in the JL and you certainly know what I’m talking about.”
Ach: “If you think Batman doesn’t know about friendship in a team, then you’re one ignorant Nootran. The Caped Champion is the brain behind the Justice League and most of the teams of NSF.”

Papan interrupted the flow of the discussion to have it suit his taste.
Papan: “You guys are too boring with all this reasoning. We won’t get anywhere if you continue talking this serious.”
Roberto: “Papan has a point. Have you ever been with people who act as though everything was ‘don’t joke with this subject; it’s a delicate issue’?”
Voltz: “They’re boring to tears.”

Papan: “Check this one guys; it’s like Batman hasn’t slept for days. He does have a nasty face there. Did you know he chose to be a bat so he could stay up late and his parents wouldn’t scold him for that? It doesn’t surprise me coming from him. Look; he’s almost dead tired judging from his eyes. Bats, what do you mean staying up late again when you’re now working in the day?”
Batman: “Only you can make such comments Papan. You can’t see my face, how can you say anything about my look?”
Eric: “Speaking of your looks Batman, if you want people to come any closer, try changing your costume. You won’t become popular dressed like that with those white eyes that scare many.”

Bruno: “It’s an outrage. My little brother had a nightmare after seeing you. NSF should know better than posting you here to frighten kids.”
Lucas: “Ha, ha, ha. Frighten troublemakers like your little brother. Slow down boys; you’re too hard on the guy. I think he’s pretty cool the way he is. Don’t mind them bats. I like your style and your costume is great. You’re doing a good job agent.”
Benjamin: “I don’t understand why you would rather guard the city during the day when you’re ten times more efficient at night. You did it so well before you became the Bright Knight.”
Batman: “It was only last month I stopped being the Dark Knight. Things have changed since then and I must adapt to the present situation.”

Papan: “Don’t bother yourself trying to understand him Benjamin. Everybody in Westside knows Batman spends the night partying with some strange company. That’s why he’s ineffective during the day. Listen to a friend’s advice bats; quit this job or someday, somebody will get hurt through your lack of vigilance.”
Batman: “Papan talks of responsibility? Your advice must be in reflexive mode. Wait a minute; didn’t I hear you a couple of hours ago say something about keeping your mouth shut?”

Papan: “Me, silent? I’m so disappointed. I thought you knew me better than that vigilante. I can’t keep quiet as long as you have that grave look on your face. When you let your hair down, then I’ll spare you.”
Batman: “Who are those who entered the city with Denver then? Impostors!”
Papan: “You guys see what I was just saying?”

Batman immediately called Nootra Security Forces with his communicator.
Batman: “Batman to J’onn: come in. I have a case of intruders here. They’re four of them disguised as Benjamin, Papan, Cesare and Yann and they’re with Denver and his four companions.”

J’onn J’onzz (through communicator): “Copy that. I’m sending agents right away. J’onn out.”
J’onn J’onzz dispatched two heroes to apprehend the intruders. Once these received the coordinates, they left NSF Central and set out for the chase. It only took few minutes for them to find the Earthlings whom Cesare and Yann blocked on the way. The agents landed and prevented Cesare and Zach, on one hand, and Yann and Ryan, on the other, from fighting each other.
Noah: “Look up in the sky; it’s Superman, the prototype superhero on Earth.”

Alan: “You shouldn’t be so excited about him Noah. I fear his friend the bat realized his mistake and sent him here to arrest us.”
Superman: “So you’re intruders from Earth? Still, it’s good to see everyone knows me; even on Earth.”
Captain Nootra: “What about me? I’m the captain of Nootra yet everybody is only talking about Superman.”
Cesare wasn’t happy that the agents of NSF interfered in his affairs, so he warned them.
Cesare: “No way costumed men. You won’t stop me from correcting this punk.”

Captain Nootra: “O yes, we will. Kid, you can’t take issues into your own hands. We’re here for that.”
Cesare: “Call me kid again and I’ll smash you with my football.”
Captain Nootra: “That’s no way to speak to an elder, and less to Captain Nootra. What have I done to deserve such scorn from my citizens?”

Mario: “Your shoes are a mess. If I were you Cap, I’d get myself new ones.”
Jeremy: “Stop provoking him Mario; you’ll only make him angrier.”
Wally: “Or more depressed. Look, he’s already complaining to Superman.”
Captain Nootra: “Is that true Superman? And you never mentioned anything about my shoes.”

Superman: “There’s nothing wrong with them. They’re like mine, see? I can’t believe you fall for every criticism.”
Captain Nootra: “You can say that since you’re Superman and nobody criticizes you. Even people from an unknown planet have you as prototype superhero. But after we’re done here, I’ll ask my designer to make me a new pair of shoes.”
Shades: “Don’t change anything Cap; Mario was only teasing. You’re our Captain and we’re proud of you. Can we now go with our friends?”
Cesare: “Not until I’ve finished with the impostor. Get out of my way super freak.”

Superman: “One doesn’t need special abilities to see that you’re the real Cesare. You and Yann will leave these children to us. They’re henceforth in the custody of Nootra Security Forces.”
Superman and Captain Nootra unmasked the Earthlings by vaporising them with a digital gear. Once the children regained their true appearances, the agents immobilized their hands with cuffs. Denver and his companions tried to explain themselves but the security agents wouldn’t listen.

Captain Nootra: “Sorry friends; I’m not keen on arresting children, but orders are orders, (aside) especially when they indirectly come from the bat. Rest assured though. Your buddies are coming back to you if they’re found to be of no threat to Nootra.”

It happened that before Superman and Captain Nootra took the Earthlings away, a sword stretched out and in one go, shattered the four metallic objects fastening the Earthlings’ hands. To the horror of the agents and the jubilation of the children, Trunks, the son of Vegeta the Saiyan, appeared. Superman and Captain Nootra realized the odds had changed.

Wally: “Whoa. Trunks the Saiyan has come to the rescue.”
Mario: “Things are starting to get more interesting now.”
Captain Nootra: “Trunks, you have no right to meddle here.”
Superman: “When he has that look on his face, that tells me he won’t listen to anything. I’m expected at my mom’s birthday party and I don’t intend to waste time here. Cap, let’s finish this fast.”

Superman and Captain Nootra merged their powers and the result was colossal. It was the creation of a mighty being possessing both the powers of Captain Nootra and Superman. What followed was a spectacular confrontation between Trunks and Super-Nootra.

Alan: “Huge! Fusion also exists here. I used to wonder how such a thing could be possible, but now I know.”
Shades: “These men are crazy. Why do they merge their powers against an adversary like Trunks?”

Jeremy: “Superman talked of a party he must attend. He wouldn’t waste time with Trunks that’s why he wants to finish it fast.”
Shades: “I heard what he said Jeremy. What I meant is that Superman and Captain Nootra are grown-ups and each of them is superior to Trunks. Trunks is good but they’ll have him like a beginner.”
Mario: “Nonsense Shades. Trunks can take down the two of them in a single round. You underestimate the powers of Saiyans. These guys are born fighters.”
Jeremy: “It isn’t logical Mario. Trunks is no match for Super-Nootra.”
Alan: “The illogical becomes actuality when you believe. Our being here is illogical; cartoons existing is illogical. Trunks came to help us, let’s give him a hand.”

Shades: “You must be nuts thinking you can do a thing to Superman and Captain Nootra combined. It’s Super-Nootra we’re talking about.”
Ryan: “I believe for the manifestation of the impossible. None is invulnerable except one, and it’s by faith in Him I do everything. If we come together, with Denver’s strength, our determination and my faith, we’ll help Trunks out.”

Wally: “You said it Ryan. I’ve always wanted to take part in a fight where I would trample on Superman’s boot.”
Mario: “Quite ordinary Wally; I’ve seen kids do that way too often. What would be something is to pinch the nose of Cap. O boy, I’m so going to enjoy this. What are we waiting for?”
Jeremy: “But Denver can’t stand violence.”

Zach: “Denver, we must rescue Trunks. We’re the good guys.”
Denver accepted to join his friends but Noah was now being reluctant.
Noah: “You want me to attack Superman? How could you possibly ask me such a thing? What if he hates me after? He might be angry with me and I wouldn’t be able to live with that.”

Alan: “If your Superman is as heartless as this one, he doesn’t deserve your love.”
Noah: “That doesn’t count. What matters is that I love him.”
Ryan: “Everything is settled then. You can attack him knowing you have a good reason for doing so and without worrying about whether he might hate you or not.”

Zach: “What is important here Noah? Is it that you’re convinced you’re right or what he might think about you?”
Noah: “Say no more guys; I got your point. Everything my companions are on, I’m game for it.”
Shades: “Here we go. Mission: Nootra 4West N3S7. Objective: Rescue Trunks. Target: Super-Nootra. Time: 14H 75. Action: Everybody charge anyhow you can.”

Zach: “Everybody charge anyhow you can? That isn’t strategic Shades. All the same: go, go, go.”
The Earthlings and their new friends were determined to help Trunks but that wasn’t counting what Cesare and Yann had in mind. Before they could take any action against Super-Nootra, Cesare and Yann outstripped them. These two were enraged at the intrusion of Trunks and Super-Nootra in their intended fight against Zach and Ryan. So they decided to give the heroes a good punishment.

Cesare: “How mean! Why should these three prevent us from handling the usurpers?”
Yann: “Let’s show them they have no right to mess with us.”

Cesare and Yann had their footballs with them and each played with his ball. As they did so, the balls were filled with power. After taking a deep breath, Yann kicked his ball high in the air and used his right foot and Cesare used his left, to shoot Cesare’s ball together and violently at Trunks and Super-Nootra. The ball became a fire mass and it hit the superheroes straight on. Cesare’s ball put Super-Nootra down and when Trunks turned around to see what happened, he received Yann’s ball on the face. These violent shots knocked out Super-Nootra and the Saiyan and they lost consciousness. The effect of the fusion ceased and Super-Nootra was gone. What remained was Superman and Captain Nootra caught in oblivion. Then Cesare and Yann fled and disappeared from sight.

Someone made his entrance when Super-Nootra and Trunks were down. The Shredder. He profited from the chaos in the streets to capture Denver. But the children couldn’t let this happen.

Noah, Wally: “Somebody save Denver!”
Zach: “Allow me. Friends, are you with me?”
Alan: “Count me in. Shredder will be a piece of cake.”
Mario: “Serve the same thing here Alan.”
Shades: “Let’s crush Shredder and make up for losing Super-Nootra.”

Zach, Alan, Ryan, Mario, Shades, Jeremy and Wally attacked the Shredder. They all charged at him together, some having sticks in their hands. It was a bungle and none saw whom he brawled. Shredder however sneaked out of the fray. He looked at them from a distance and burst into laughter. The children soon realized they were fighting each other.

Shredder: “You kids think you can stop me? I am the Shredder. Why don’t you go play with your toys before somebody gets hurt?”
Ryan: “The only one to get hurt here is you Shredder. Free Denver immediately and we might think of sparing you.”
Shredder: “Don’t make me laugh again. Seriously, I have no time to play with kids.”

Shredder had something with him - a soporific gas. He wore a mask, unlid the bottle and tossed it in the children’s direction. The smoke caused the children to grow drowsy and they fell into deep sleep. Shredder tied up Denver and forced him to move towards his vehicle. What the Shredder didn’t know was that the Ninja Turtles were just behind him.
Raphael: “Hey shred head, how about facing someone of your size?”
Shredder: “The Turtles! You won’t dispossess me of my loot.”

Leonardo: “What are you talking about? Denver isn’t yours. Release him or we’ll finish you this time around.”
Shredder: “Seriously Leonardo, do you think I’m going to obey you when not even your brothers do? It’s time you stopped giving me useless orders.”

Leonardo: “Quit playing ugly if you don’t want such addresses. You have one last chance to surrender.”
Michelangelo: “No one attacks my lovely Green Dino and goes unharmed.”
Donatello: “Mikey, I thought the grey one was your favourite.”
Raphael: “Never mind Donnie. Whether it’s the red or pink one, the good thing is that there’s going to be some action in the air and I needed just that to get warmed up before the contest.”

Michelangelo: “And I know of one who’s going to get warmed down.”
Shredder: “Me, I only know of four who will be destroyed in the next minutes. Bebop, Rocksteady, wipe them out.”
Bebop and Rocksteady, two of Shredder’s mutants, stepped in and stood as the adversaries of the Turtles.
Donatello: “He sends Bebop and Rocksteady to fight us? The Shredder is irretrievable. He should have known those two stand no chance against us.”

Raphael: “Is it too much asking you to have respect for your opponents and give us less worthless fighters? We’ll have those two in no time and guess what; we’ll be coming for you Saki.”
Shredder: “Joke as you wish since you love to. I’m letting go this dinosaur for nothing.”
Leonardo: “Enough of the talking. Show me what you’ve got villain.”

Raphael: “Well done fearless leader. Shredder and Co., prepare to get a smacking from the Ninja Turtles.”