Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The Manga, Anime, Comics Awards
Theme: Living Together

Cartoon World launches the Nootra Manga, Anime, Comics Awards from the city of Nootra. These Awards aim at acknowledging the great men and women who have worked throughout the century to bring episodes from the life of cartoon heroes to planet Earth. These people are spirituals and Nootra, the homeworld of superheroes, seeks to recompense them by celebrating their works. In no other century than this one, from the 1930s of Earth’s calendar to presently the 20teens, has the world come into contact with these people many call characters who are in fact human beings living in another dimension.

After four teenagers from Earth came to Nootra, we realized that we are related to Earth and through these social media, we launch the Nootra MAC Awards from our home dimension and encourage you lovers of cartoons, comics mangas, animes to join us honor our spirituals the mangakas, scripters, artists, pencillers, and all those who worked for us to be known to you on planet Earth.

Unlike other Awards which are based on a year’s output, we celebrate great works of all time which have inspired and continue to inspire us. The nominees and winners won’t be limited to a particular year for we honor all mangakas and their works from past till present. That’s why no work will be allowed to win more than 3 Awards in a year. Those who didn’t win a category can still win in the next editions. If a character, work, artist etc wins the MAC in a category, they are MAC winners for that year and can’t compete in that category in subsequent editions. The MAC Awards distinguishes manga, comics, animes as many as they are so that each work may have a chance of wining. We believe every work is a masterpiece and we are taking a moment to appreciate these arts which have impacted our lives with their spirituality.

We count on you fans to make these Awards work. We believe you are our wealth and your participation in this celebration will make it successful. Do not hesitate to cast in your vote for the various categories. You only have to write the name of the character, anime, episode, song, etc you have voted for. The first 5 topping the votes will be the nominees and the jury will choose who wins the MAC. These votes will run throughout the year and the ceremony will take place in February.

We don’t know where and how we’re going to do this but with your participation, we’re confident we’ll host it and it’ll certainly be the biggest manga, anime, comics celebration ever, thanks to your contribution. We therefore ask you to take full part in the votes. Think twice before writing the name of who and what you vote for so that you don’t forget your favorites. The various categories will be opened until December so that we may have as many votes as possible. Each category shall be posted at a particular time and by January, we shall know all the nominees.

We need your participation for these Awards to become reality. The Nootra MAC Awards begin with your votes so browse the categories and start writing the names of your favorites. Make sure you don’t go off category for some categories have vague titles. Read through the notes to know what is evaluated in each category. We have 50 categories in all.

What are you still waiting for? Run to the posts and cast in your votes. Don’t forget to check from time to time to see if new categories are opened. Take care.

Yamato Anbu and Jonin of the Shinobi village of Konohagakure

NB: Anime here refers to every television cartoon as well as animated series adapted from comics, mangas which do not feature animals and objects as exclusive characters, except for mutants. Anm. Film refers to animated film. All inclusive means not limited to a particular year.