mardi 23 décembre 2014


“The expressed will of Captain Universe, the first Captain Nootra is that this civilization of Nootra, the best that exists in the world, be experienced by all people in the universe. When we talk of best we mean a civilization rooted in love for we know that for anything to be qualified as best, it has to be founded on love. The Agape didn’t give this civilization for a minority, not even for the majority; He gave it so that all peoples should benefit from its fruits and that nobody be excluded. This beauty and blessing must be enjoyed by the sons of the Agape, meaning every man in the world. Every Captain Nootra that comes keeps this dream alive until it is fulfilled: people shall not be denied, their dreams shall not be shattered, they shall not know war, hunger, suffering, disappointment or rejection. This city is not a nationality; it is a universality and everyone who wants to belong here belongs for nobody shall be denied in Nootra the paradise of the Open Realm.

'We are aiming for the eradication of anything that is negative toward man and for the transforming of everything for the good of humanity. This is what keeps Nootra standing and with or without Captain Nootra, the dream lives on in the citizens. A citizen is not only one who is born here, a citizen is any man who finds himself here. We don’t make distinction between a man and another in terms of their origin. Even our ancestors were not born here but they were the first Nootrans. This is because Nootra is not a place, it the dream of seeing humanity enjoying the best of life. Every human being is therefore welcomed here for this civilization is for man and this land belongs to mankind. And you my agents are called to watch over this precious people so that they constantly thrive until they contaminate the whole world with the goodness that overflows from their lives.

‘The Almighty has chosen us as an emblem to the world and we fulfil our purpose when our people are happy. This galaxy is one of the richest in the universe due to the excellence of our civilization and we won’t stop until the perfection of all things comes which is the happiness of each and every man in the world. It is a privilege to offer our help to people and it is great honour when they call us for that. Yet we cannot impose ourselves on them no matter what good we may think we are bringing to them. People’s freedoms are absolute and that is what conditions us and determines how far we can go. We protect this galaxy from any menace and save its people who are our own whenever they are threatened. Our bond with the planets of this galaxy and beyond is rooted in our hearts so that our goal is to make of different people with different cultures one in the Son for there is no separation and hostility among us. This is the legacy of Captain Universe the first Captain Nootra.

‘As for Alexander Rogers, each and every one of you is his family. I consider myself blessed to have been with you and shared all that we shared together. There’s only one thing I ask you as I’m leaving and that is what you have always been doing. Protect the citizens on your honour. Though I am going away, Captain Nootra is with you for he never leaves the city since he always watches over it. I’ll not be visible yet I’ll watch over you from above until one among you is chosen and at the right time your captain shall appear again in your midst. That’s when Alexander Rogers’ mission will finally be accomplished. This family that we belong to, as sons of the Agape, as human beings, as citizens of Nootra, as agents of NSF cannot be revoked. You have been a blessing to me as my colleagues and friends. I am proud to have known you and this is my blessing to you.

‘Nootra is blessed and is kept safe in Him. Every one of her citizens rejoices with the abundance of her blessing. You my agents and the citizens have found happiness for the Agape has blessed you with the desires of your hearts. And as you live complete, whole and joyful, you permeate the land, the sea and the air with your love and your aroma is spread till the ends of the world so that all people are fulfilled through the fulfilment that you are living every moment of your day. The households of Nootra are happy as you eradicate the evil and transform the world into good with your love. And you my heroes, prevail in every one of your battles until perfection comes. So it is in the Son.”

Excerpt from Another Dimension 3 by Margaret Newmeli (in production).

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