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They were already far off when Batman arrived on the site which had been the scene of clashes some minutes back. His colleagues were still lying down in a state of unconsciousness. He revived them with an energizing gadget and they woke up with a start.
Batman: “What exactly do you think you’re doing? Where are the intruders?”
Superman: “We were not able to arrest them. Cesare and Yann smote us hard with their footballs and I sense the Saiyans have taken them away.”

Batman shrunk his eyes and looked at them with a scowl when he heard that.
Batman: “Cesare and Yann? Don’t make me laugh.”
Captain Nootra: “I would be glad if I could and have an idea of what you look like when you laugh with that mask on. The laughing bat won’t be a small joke when I tell it to my friends. Yet the truth is that Cesare and Yann got the better of us.”
Batman: “This is not serious. How can those ordinary kids even deal a scratch on superheroes like you two?”
Captain Nootra: “You call Cesare and Yann ordinary children? I see you never watched Nootra’s Wings football team play.”
Superman: “Believe us; that shot was tougher than any punch I’d ever received. Even Super-Nootra couldn’t do anything.”
Batman: “I understand that Cap can be irresponsible but Superman, it’s not because you partner with him that you are going to let yourself be dragged into the recklessness. That’s probably the enemy we’ve been watching for who have penetrated right into the heart of the city. They must be arrested and interrogated on their motives. You can never tell what the enemies of Nootra are up to.”
Captain Nootra: “There you go again on your guesswork. You’re always assuming the worst but I saw their faces and nothing showed they are any menace. And you’re making us reproaches when you are the one who was defective in the first place. To add injury to crime, you have the guts to say that I am irresponsible. Answer me Batman, how come you let intruders get into the city when you were supposed to be vigilant?”
Batman: “What’s the point Cap; are you looking for a fight?”
Superman: “Quit messing up men. We have to find those extra-Nootrans.”
Captain Nootra: “They are merely kids after all. What harm can they do?”
Batman: “We paid a high price last time because we underestimated the threat posed by the intruders. We could still repeat the same mistake. And I wonder why Captain Nootra, the protector of the city, takes it lightly.”
Captain Nootra: “You may be right but not everybody needs to wear that stern look and talk that scary to show they’re concerned. You’re over-suspicious bats. There is a reasoning line here. Jeremy and Wally are smart kids and they trusted the alleged ‘intruders’. The Saiyans are equally the keepers of this city and they cannot betray her by helping our enemies. Instead of suspecting those children, why not trust our men?”
Batman: “Nootra should have known better than to make you the captain of this city. You compromise too easily Cap. The Saiyans, the green dino and his friends are children and though the former may be agents, they don’t have responsibility enough to perceive the gravity of the situation. That is why NSF didn’t deem it necessary to tell them about the menace. When the enemy strikes, they don’t look back and they don’t think twice. Create an opening for them and you’ll see your whole world crumble to the ground. I’ve been in this business for years and I’ve never seen the enemy capitulate. If you are the captain of this city, it’s high time you acted like one.”
Captain Nootra: “This is no business Mr. Billionaire. Let this be clear in your mind: it is not NSF that made me Captain Nootra. I became the captain of this city because I live here, I love this civilization and the Nootra Shield chose me. It is the will of my predecessors in the shield that gave me this title. They wanted me because they trusted me and they are right because I’ll do everything to protect the people of my city. I’m not all brain like you Bruce but I have a heart as well. I see things from both angles before I pass judgement. It’s time you asked yourself the question why the Nootra Shield chose me instead of you.”
Batman: “Do you think I care anything about that title you carry? That’s the least of my concern. I don’t need the recognition of anyone to do what I’m doing. All I want is to keep this city secure so that no one tampers with this unique civilization which is an emblem of hope across the entire multiverse. And people like you shouldn’t be in my way.”
Captain Nootra: “If you are so eager to defend this city, why don’t you get yourself some powers? You keep on depending on rudimentary weapons and can’t be one hundred per cent efficient in combat. The training bases are open to everyone, even to you but Mister thinks he can fight super villains his own way without using super powers. Superheroes won’t always be there to save your hide.”
Batman: “Have this straight Cap: super powers do not define anyone. Having them is not the issue; it’s what you do with them that matters. If you can do what you’re supposed to do without them, it’s useless possessing them. All is about strategy. To have a good strategy, you need to gather information and analyse the situation carefully by taking into consideration every minute detail. Having thus worked on your intelligence, you set up offensive and defensive tactics and launch an operation with utmost precision, acting in conformity with the plan you’ve put in place. If you conduct things in this manner, even with any crude gadgets, you’re going to defeat the enemy no matter the amount of power they may possess. Regrettably, these are things people like you will never understand.”

Excerpt from Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam by Margaret Newmeli
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