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But it happened that before Superman and Captain Nootra took the Earthlings away, a sword stretched out and shattered, one after the other, the four metallic objects that fastened the Earthlings’ hands. To the horror of the two agents and to the jubilation of the children, Trunks, the son of Vegeta, the Saiyan, appeared. Superman and Captain Nootra realized that the odds had changed.

Wally: “Wow. Trunks the Saiyan has come to the rescue.”
Mario: “Things are starting to become more interesting now.”
Captain Nootra: “Trunks, you don’t have the right to meddle here.”
Superman: “When he’s got that look on his face, it tells me he’s not going to listen to anything. I’m expected at my mom’s birthday party and I don’t have any intention to tarry here. Let’s finish this fast Cap.”

Superman and Captain Nootra merged their powers and the result was the creation of a mighty being that possessed both the powers of Captain Nootra and Superman. What followed after was a spectacular fight between Trunks and Super-Nootra.

Alan: “Huge! Fusion also exists here. I used to wonder how such a thing could be possible but I don’t any more.”
Shades: “These men are crazy. Why do they merge their powers against an adversary like Trunks?”
Jeremy: “Superman said something about a party he must attend. He doesn’t want to waste time with Trunks that’s why he wants to finish it fast.”
Shades: “I heard what he said Jeremy. What I meant is that Superman and Captain Nootra are grown-ups and each of them is superior to Trunks. Trunks is good but they’ll have him like a beginner.”
Mario: “Nonsense Shades; Trunks can take down the two of them in a single round. You underestimate the powers of Saiyans. These guys are born fighters.”
Jeremy: “It’s not logical Mario. Trunks is no match for Super-Nootra.”
Alan: “The illogical becomes actuality when you believe. Our being here is illogical; cartoons existing is illogical. Trunks came to help us, let’s give him a hand.”
Shades: “You must be nuts thinking you can do anything to Superman and Captain Nootra combined. It’s Super-Nootra we’re talking about.”
Ryan: “I believe for the manifestation of the impossible. None is invulnerable except one and it is by faith in Him that I do everything. If we come together, with Denver’s strength, our determination and my faith, we’ll help Trunks out.”
Wally: “Well said Ryan. I’ve always wanted to take part in a fight where I would trample on Superman’s foot.”
Mario: “Quite ordinary Wally; I’ve seen kids do that way too often. What would be something is to pinch the nose of Cap. O boy, I’m going to enjoy this one. What are we waiting for?”
Jeremy: “But Denver can’t stand violence.”
Zach: “Denver, we must rescue Trunks. We are the good guys.”
Denver accepted to join his friends but it was Noah who was now being reluctant.
Noah: “You want me to attack Superman? How could you possibly ask me to do such a thing? What if he hates me after this? He might be angry with me and I won’t be able to live that down forever.”
Alan: “If your Superman is as heartless as this one, then he doesn’t deserve your love.”
Noah: “That doesn’t count. What matters is that I love him.”
Ryan: “Everything is settled then. You can attack him knowing you’ve got a good reason for doing so and without being worried about whether he might hate you or not.”
Zach: “What is important here Noah? Is it that you’re convinced you’re right or what he might think about you?”
Noah: “Say no more guys. I’ve got your point and everything my companions are on, I’m game for it.”
Shades: “Here we go. Mission: Nootra 4West N3S7; Objective: Rescue Trunks; Target: Super-Nootra; Time: 14H 75; Action: Everybody charge anyhow you can.”
Zach: “Everybody charge anyhow you can? That’s not strategic Shades. All the same: go, go, go.”

The Earthlings and their new friends were determined in their attempt to give a helping hand to Trunks but that was not counting what Cesare and Yann had in mind. Before they could take any action against Super-Nootra, Cesare and Yann outstripped them. These two were enraged at the intrusion of Trunks and Super-Nootra in their intended fight against Zach and Ryan and they devised a plan to give the heroes a good punishment.

Cesare: “How mean! Why should these three prevent us from handling the usurpers?”
Yann: “Let’s show them they have no right to mess with us.”
Excerpt from Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam by Margaret Newmeli

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