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Hawkeye and his daughter left and the children were happy that they had escaped it, though narrowly. They continued their walk through the city and as they penetrated the town from the West, the Earthlings were seized at each point by the incomparable beauty of Nootra.

Noah: “The city of Nootra is as beautiful as those beautiful places you only see in cartoons. This is the place I’ve always wanted to be.”
Wally: “It’s true this city is unique in several aspects. Nootra is a land where the city and the village converge; where the calm and the lively go together. It is a melting pot of different types of structures. Everyone would find their taste here.”
Jeremy: “Nootra has a large number of neighbourhoods, each having its own features and characteristics. Some are highly advanced, others are mere villages with fields and farms; some are peaceful and quiet, others are noisy and heated and each neighbourhood is open to all citizens.”
Shades: “I am proud to belong here. This is the best place in the world.”
Alan: “You’re right Shades; Nootra is quite a dreamland.”
Unfortunately, the Earthlings could not contemplate the city any longer for they were faced with another problem. As they were moving along the road, they bumped into the true Cesare and Yann.
Mario: “Disaster number three. There’s a storm brewing.”
Cesare and Yann turned furious when they saw their clones coming in the opposite direction. They stopped them on the spot and asked for an explanation.
Yann: “What is going on here Wally? Who are these people and why are they disguised as us?”
But Cesare was in no mood to wait for any explaining. He walked straight to Zach, the pseudo-Cesare, to fight him.
Cesare: “I don’t care who they are and if there’s one thing I don’t tolerate, it’s people playing ridiculous using my image.”
Wally: “Wait Cesare; it’s not what you think. We have a good reason for doing this.”
Cesare: “Keep your good reason to yourselves Wally and his sorry band. It won’t work with me.”
Zach: “That’s also fine with me. I’ve always wanted to get that arrogance out of you. When you taste my fists, then you’ll learn a lesson pal.”
Cesare: “I’m not your pal. I’m the best football player of this city. Eric will have to admit that sooner or later for it is I who will score the winning goal in the final. But before that, I would have dealt with you impostor.”
Denver tried to rescue Zach from Cesare’s wrath but he had to stand back because of the fierce threats of the football player.
Cesare: “Denver, stay out of this if you don’t want any trouble. Otherwise it is you who will suffer my rage. I’m not at all impressed that you’re a dinosaur. You don’t know what I’m capable of. I might go as far as to tell Wally’s parents that he’s still keeping you.”
Jeremy: “No you won’t do that Cesare. I forbid you to do that.”
Cesare: “So it’s you the instigator of all this Jeremy. Well, it serves you right.”
Mario tried to hold back Cesare and dissuade him from carrying out the horrible threats he made.
Mario: “Wow, wow, wow. Why are you always so angry? Do you have to take everything so seriously? We are not in a football match as far as I know. Yann, you should make him hear reason.”
Yann: “Not this time Mario; you have gone too far. There’s no reason using us for your silly jokes. It’s not because you can transform people into others that you have to use our images for that.”
Shades: “Stand down guys. What’s the serious issue? You can settle scores with your clones another day. We’re here on a secret mission from Captain Nootra himself. You do not want to be in his way, do you?”
Cesare: “Your lies are as hopeless as the players of the East Side whom we thrashed yesterday. And even if it did come from your Captain, he should know better than use me for his ridiculous caricature. This minion here will pay for his insolence.”
Zach: “I would apologize if I were you Cesare. Zach will not tolerate any more insults from your pathetic self devoid of any respect.”
Cesare: “So little Zachary has got vocabulary. Let’s settle this here and now.”
Zach: “The pleasure is all mine. If I beat you, you leave Denver and his friends alone. Have you got me?”
Cesare: “You’ll have to beat me first and I doubt you can. And you’re not the one to set the rules in the first place; yet I’ll abide by them ’cause you’re going to lose.”
Zach: “It is you who say so Cesare but I’ll prove the contrary to you.”
As Cesare and Zach were preparing to fight each other, Yann walked to Alan, the pseudo-Yann, to sort him out.
Alan: “Cool down dude. I can’t fight you back.”
Yann: “You ought to have thought about that when you cloned yourself as me. Now it’s too late.”
Alan: “I’m not trying to get out of fighting you Yann; you’ll have an opponent. I ask that my champion fights in my place.”
Ryan stepped in as the substitute of Alan.
Yann: “It’s him your champion? You should have chosen someone heftier.”
Ryan: “Yann, I used to consider you smarter but I see that hanging around with Cesare has made you as mean as him. If you want to fight, I’m your man.”
Without pronouncing another word, Yann released his grip on Alan and went for Ryan. Noah, who had been watching the scene passively, deplored the unfolding of things. She cried to her companions with the intention of preventing them from fighting her favourite football players.
Noah: “What are you guys doing? You’ll only get us into more trouble. Stop them Alan.”
Alan: “Why would I do such a thing? You can’t come to cartoon world and not just fight. I’m excited to see those two take a hammering from my pals. Noah, you’ll see it wasn’t for nothing they spent their time training.”
Noah: “Aaalaan...? Zach, Ryan: do not hurt Cesare and Yann.”
Jeremy: “Hurt Cesare and Yann? Was that some kind of irony or what? Cesare and Yann may well be football players but they’re very strong. Even Saiyans are afraid of them.”
Noah: “What? Have you just said Sai…yans?”

Excerpt from Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam by Margaret Newmeli

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