Monday, December 23, 2013


What is man? What is this mystery of being human? Who are we?

There is no independent self; all of us issue from a relationship; for no man births himself, he issues from his progenitors; and no man helped himself when he was born; others took care of him. We identify ourselves from the ones who birth us; the proof; they chose our names for us.

Man is a masterpiece of someone; he conceived us and created the entire universe as the home to manifest the masterpiece of his mind into the visible realm. He is the designer, the coneptor and He is the one who tells us who we are. We cannot define ourselves apart from our source. Just like an engineer creates a device and designs it for a purpose and the device cannot be any other thing apart from what his designers conceived it for, we, being no devices, but conceived out of love, have our identity in the one who brought us into the world with the sole purpose of being his sons.

What does it mean to be a human being? What is this mystery that is called man? Who are we?

We are because He is and He is the one who tells us who we are. What then does He say we are?

In the past, He spoke through the prophets but in our day, the Word of God became flesh. The Son of God became the Son of Man and took us all in Him, giving us the identity that was the purpose of His genius when he conceived Man in His mind. Today, the Sons of Men have become the Sons of God and look at them walking the Earth. Yes; men whose father is God Almighty.

What is man? What is this mystery of being human? Who are we?
Man is the product of the love the Everlasting Father has for His Eternal Son in the Ever-abiding Holy Spirit. And the mystery of the Man Jesus is the answer to what man is.

In reality; there is only one relationship in existence: that of the Father and the Son in the Holy Spirit and this is the relationship in which we are and from which we get our identity and purpose. This is because all men are in the Son.

Blessed be Everlasting Father of the Eternal Son for in the Ever-abiding Holy Spirit, He has included us in Himself and made of two one; even Him and us so that today we confidently say, without any fear: God is our Father and nothing can separate us from Him because we know that nothing can separate the Father from His Eternal Beloved Son; and it in the Beloved that we are. This is our guarantee; this is our confidence; this is our faith and this is the reason for us, men on the Earth.

Thank You Jesus, for sharing Your Father with us.