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(Continuation 2.)

The Earthlings and their new friends succeeded to outwit Batman and they crossed the city gates. They all breathed for the relief once they got into the city. Far away from Batman’s sight and hearing, they could unveil their indignation to one another. Mario, in particular, was extremely furious on the way Zach reacted when he was doing his trick.
Mario: “What’s your problem proud fellow? You nearly caused our plan to fall through.”
Zach: “Sorry Mario but you shouldn’t have gone too far.”
Mario: “What do you mean by ‘gone too far’?”
Shades: “Batman would have uncovered us if it wasn’t for sheer luck. He’s a professional.”
Zach: “Professional? The whole thing stank and you call him a professional?”
Alan: “That’s what it really is to be as blind as a bat.”
Noah was displeased with Ryan’s address to Batman for, according to her, those were not the words she or her companions should have used in their first encounter with him.
Noah: “I can’t believe you answered Batman that rudely Ryan. Did you forget he’s one of my favourites and that of Alan’s as well?”
Alan: “Keep me out of it. I really enjoyed seeing him had and be outwitted. Who said he was the smartest guy in the world?”
Ryan: “Sorry Noah but you had to play the game. Papan would be anything except polite.”
Noah: “What do you know about that? They might not be the same as in the cartoons.”
Jeremy: “What is this whole issue of cartoons? Who are these cartoons?”
Alan: “Cartoons and comics are series of drawings with which people make stories. We know all of you on Earth because people draw your images and give you your traits and peculiarities. We know that Jeremy is smart, that Wally loves animals, that Mario holds himself in high esteem and that Shades, well, Shades is just Shades.”
Mario: “Hey, that’s not true. Your cartoonists don’t know anything about me.”
Shades: “I’m just me and that suits me perfectly. Earth has represented me faithfully.”
Wally: “Unbelievable! You mean they know us on Earth and we are famous? That I am like a star there?”
Alan: “You can say so. You five are the protagonists of an animated show, Denver, the Last Dinosaur.”
Wally: “Why is Denver the last dinosaur? What was the motivation for giving that show such a title?”
Zach: “Dinosaurs are extinct species on Earth. Wait a minute; do you mean there are dinosaurs here?”
Jeremy: “If Denver is here, it goes without saying that dinosaurs are here. Dinosaurs live in South Nootra.”
Noah: “How do you live with them? I mean, they’re supposed to be dangerous.”
Jeremy: “Not all dinosaurs are dangerous. You only need to take a look at Denver to know that. I wonder what happened on Earth for a species to get extinct!”
Noah: “Dinosaurs were extinct even before a man lived on Earth. But Earth is not worried about extinct species. We are doing everything to preserve some endangered ones.”
Wally: “It would be horrible if any species disappeared. I hope you succeed in preserving your wildlife. They’re essential for the wellbeing of the natural environment.”
Shades: “Let’s leave wildlife aside and come back to this story of cartoons. There’s one thing I don’t understand. How is it that your writers and designers know everything about us when they’ve never met us?”
Jeremy: “Can there be a sort of psychic connection between your world and ours which cause people there to conceive us exactly as we are?”
Ryan: “That would be intriguing. Well, even though many people know you on Earth, they doubt you exist for real.”
Mario: “Now listen to their tall story; taking us for drawings, comics; people giving us our traits and personalities, and what else? We’d better handed them over to Batman and the city forces.”
Shades: “Yea, their story sounds like a pack of lies.”
Denver got angry and roared against Mario and Shades.
Mario: “Forget everything we just said.”
As they advanced further into the city, they faced another obstacle.
Alan: “Hey guys look; that’s Hawkeye1. Boy, this world is beyond all reasoning.”
Ryan: “I see some empiricists who must redefine their concept.”
Wally: “Disaster number two. Hawkeye is an agent of Nootra and his daughter, Rain, is a fan of Benjamin.”
Shades: “Listen now Earthies, do not act overexcited as you did with Batman earlier. Noah, it’s time you put on Benjamin’s character.”

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© Margaret Newmeli


1. Hawkeye (Clint Barton) is a fictional character in publications by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Don Heck, the character first appeared as a villain in Tales of Suspense #57 (Sept. 1964) and later joined the Avengers in Avengers #16 (May 1965).