Sunday, November 24, 2013


The administrator of this page and blog receives the celebrated hero of all times; the Caped Crusader, the world’s greatest detective, the coolest superhero ever….

Stop that J’onn; you know it doesn’t do anything to me.

I wasn’t doing it for you; this is publicity. Whatever the case, you’re online.

Hello fans, I’m doing this featuring for my buddy Alan, who said even a few words from me can boost the sales. Yea, I am in the first novel of Margaret Newmeli Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam. Alan and his friends met me in my homeworld and they wanted that world to be presented to fans on their planet. So the book talks about all the heroes they met here. It’s true their adventure was unique and it brought great luck to our world for they helped us contain the super villain Broly that threatened the citizens. It was one of the most perilous battles we ever had before the decisive battle against the Supreme Fighter which I have heard Margaret is reproducing in the second volume of Another Dimension. I wish to encourage you to buy the book and know what your fellow Earthlings did for us Nootrans. Our world got transformed and we’re glad to share with the entire multiverse the complete story of how it happened. And I have a special present for you in the third volume. But let’s start by reading this one. On Paperback at

And before I forget, thanks Earth, for making me one of your heroes. Special greetings to Bob Kane and Bill Finger; these guys just know me too well though following Alan’s report, they didn’t get me all; what can you do – I am inexhaustible. What I can guarantee is that if you get the three volumes of Another Dimension starting with the Ultimate Amalgam, you’ll know other things about me. I bless you all fans; in Nootra, I’m an ancient one and a sage. J’onn, I have finished.

Though you didn’t present yourself, I’m certain cartoons fans of Cartoon World and Another Dimension have demystified you. That’s all we had for you today from Nootra but don’t forget; get your copy of Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam and meet us all. Hey Bruce, why again did she call it the Ultimate Amalgam?

I don’t remember but Alan said it was because she put in everything she wanted to say to the world. Wayne Industries has already ordered some copies. Tell the rest that they should buy their own copies for I’m not lending mine to anyone. If we did that, she might not publish the third volume which you know is the story I narrated personally to Chris and his fellow Earthlings.