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1. Denver, the last dinosaur, and his friends were playing in the fields. They lost their ball so Denver went looking for it. He found four strange children lying down in a state of unconsciousness on the other side of the field. He was frightened at first since he had never seen them before. He drew closer and looked intently. He went to the nearby stream, carried some water in his mouth and splashed it at them. The Terrestrials woke up and couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Denver before them.

Alan: “Wow, is this your dream Noah? Fascinating! Denver looks almost real.”
Ryan: “How come we all are in your dream?”
Zach: “Maybe we should close our eyes and everything will return to normal when we open them again.”

He and Alan closed their eyes hard to verify if they were dreaming or not. But Noah would not allow them mar this miraculous event.

Noah: “Stop guys, don’t doubt what you see. Our dreams have come true. Remember the bright light, floating in space and our prayer. This really is Denver the last dinosaur.”

Meanwhile Denver had drifted a little further because of the strange attitude of the Terrestrials. Noah took courage. She moved to Denver and greeted him.

Noah: “Hi Denver. I’m Noah and I want to be your friend. My buddies there are Ryan, Zach and Alan. We come from Earth and we’re very glad to meet you.”

Noah stretched out her hand to Denver and Denver, a little suspicious at first, soon carried her to his bosom and kissed her.

Noah: “Come on guys. What are you waiting for?”
Alan: “Hey, Noah is right. He has answered our prayers. I think we’ve crossed to another dimension.”
Zach: “You mean to Noah’s dimension? I didn’t know she loved that dinosaur so much that He would grant her that wish.”
Ryan: “Men of little faith. Quit doubting.”
Alan: “This is wild; it’s Denver as we know him in the animated series. The others won’t believe us when we tell them this.”
Zach: “Why do you want anyone to believe; we four do and that’s what matters.”

They all moved to Denver and he carried them in turn, licking each of them as he used to do. Denver then spoke to them with words hard to understand but especially with gestures and they perceived that he wanted them to follow him. They obeyed and he took them to his companions - 2. Mario, Wally, Shades and Jeremy.

Ryan: “Well, what do you know? You might as well meet some guys you never loved in the series.”

Mario and Shades didn’t take any liking to Denver’s new friends either.

Mario: “Who are these clowns Denver?”
Shades: “And where are they from?”
Mario: “And we want straight answers.”

Denver tried to make them understand that the Terrestrials were going to stay with them.

Shades: “You must be kidding. First of all, I don’t like their looks and secondly, they aren’t coming with us.”

The Terrestrials tried to explain their situation but Mario and Shades didn’t want to listen. They couldn’t be shaken until Denver got angry and rebuked them. He wouldn’t let Noah go.

Zach: “We wouldn’t like to bother you either but we’ve got no choice. You must understand. We come from planet Earth and we’re here by faith. We were travelling in space; then a light shone upon us and overwhelmed us. We awoke and here we are. We don’t know if this is Earth or another planet. Please, allow us to come with you and find out how we can get back home. What’s your response Jeremy?”
Jeremy: “You know my name? I’m baffled. Well Wally, they’re in a situation.”
Wally: “Since they don’t know how to return to their world, we can just keep them with us for a while until we find a solution.”
Mario: “Where do you guys want to keep them? Certainly not in your house, Wally? You had difficulties keeping Denver. How are you going to cope with these four? What if your parents see them and find out at the same time that you are still keeping Denver? All our efforts to hide that from them would prove useless.”
Wally: “Calm down Mario. Let’s first get into the city and then we shall figure out what to do.”
Jeremy: “Welcome to Nootra friends. These are the outskirts of the west side of our city. We’ve never heard about the planet you just mentioned but we’d be glad to learn about your world. Don’t worry; in our city, there are many who’ve studied space and teleportation. If you’re lucky, they’ll help you get back to your home. But surely you look strange. We’ve never seen people like you before though there are many races in this galaxy.”
Shades: “Hey, all knowing brain, how will you get these extra-Nootrans into the city? Remember the recent events. The bat guards the city day and night. He won’t let any stranger in.”
Mario: “Why worry Shades, super Mario has got the solution to every problem. Let’s tell the big guy that they are your ancestors’ children who got lost in the woods long ago as the legend says.”
Jeremy: “That won’t work Mario; at least, not on the bat. And legend often means that it’s a made-up story and not true.”
Wally: “I’ve got an idea, though it might appear dishonest on an angle. I think our football champions are out of the city for their training. Why not disguise these guys like them?”
Jeremy: “That’s a brilliant one Wally. I think I can do that. I need paint from Casey’s super bag and I will be able to clone them.”

Jeremy went to work and the others helped him. And after an hour, the job was done. Ryan was cloned as 3. Papan and looked exactly like him, Noah was cloned as Benjamin, Zach as Cesare and Alan as Yann.

Noah: “Astonishing! How did you guys do that?”
Shades: “Jeremy is the smart one here, he can do anything. Not like that sluggard over there who calls himself super.”
Mario: “Talking about yourself Shades?”

4. Batman was standing at the city gates and he greeted the children when they arrived.

1. Denver the Last Dinosaur is a U.S.-French cartoon originally released in 1988 by World Events Productions. Read the Prelude of Another Dimension at

2. Mario, Wally, Shades, Jeremy, Casey are characters in Denver the Last Dinosaur.

3. Papan, Benjamin, Cesare and Yann are characters in l’Ecole des Champions. L’École des Champions (original title: Moero! Top Striker) is an anime on football. According to Studio Animage, it is a French production, directed by Ryô Yasumura and Thibaut Chatel. It was broadcasted in France for the first time in November 1992 on TF1.

4. Batman is a fictional character created by the artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. A comic book superhero, Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939), and since then has appeared primarily in publications by DC Comics.

5. Are the Terrestrials really in another dimension? What is this city of Nootra? Will the guard let them in? Check this out and more in Another Dimension Chapter 2: Terrestrials in Nootra.

6. About Chapter 2: ‘When they had scarcely passed the gates, Batman, who had been silent all along, made a remark: “What in Nootra have Benjamin’s companions to do with Denver?”’

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