mercredi 10 octobre 2012


Do you know that God created man and never told the latter why He created him? He allowed the world to run for 4000 years without letting anyone know the reason for their life. That was the mystery which until He Himself revealed, could not be discovered by any man. For 4000 years God gave dispensations throughout history and conducted experiments to see if man could choose God out of his own free will and guided by the specific elements of that dispensation.

God gave the dispensation of innocence to Adam, that of conscience from Seth to Noah, that of governments after Noah, that of a promise to Abraham, then that of the law to the Jews. The Law is does not constitute the ultimate will of God but it falls under the dispensation of which about 3/4 of the Bible consists of. When the fullness of time came, God sent His Son to close the dispensation of the Law and to inaugurate the dispensation of grace.

It is to Paul, who was called to be the Apostle of grace, that God revealed His ultimate intention for creating man. The ultimate intention why God created man was that He should give birth to His own sons through the process of the indwelling of Christ in men. God used the Jews as He used the Babylonians, the Greeks and every people throughout history to put into effect His eternal plan, which is the mystery.

This is the mystery: Christ in man makes man son of God and gives man the nature of God. The nature of God is the glory of God. A man in Christ is the dream of God fulfilled. He is 100% the same as Jesus Christ who dwells in him. This is what we were foreordained to be and called to believe to walk in the consciousness of it. The image of God on Erath is a man in Christ; he is the full representation of his heavenly Father and he lives to propagate the kingdom of God on Earth. That is man’s destiny; that is man’s fulfillment.

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