Thursday, August 9, 2012


If you are seeking the truth in this world, if you’re curious to know anything new, if you are concerned to hear what someone can say regarding the purpose of your life on earth, if you care about seeing the world saved, if you want to know your identity, make a little time and listen to Dr Shawn Smith.

Don’t be quick to judge it as religion or think you know it already. If you want to learn something new in this world, if you want to hear something you’ve never heard before, waste a little bit of your time and listen to this gospel.

Believe me; you’ve never heard anything like this before. There’s something new under the sun – grace has been revealed and you can now, not only know what it really means but you can experience it today. Scientists, researchers, philosophers, doctors, intellectuals, people of the earth, get the latest news; it is good.

Listen to Dr Shawn Smith revealing the true gospel of Jesus Christ and tell me it’s the first time you’ve ever heard the gospel.