Monday, August 27, 2012


Hey guys, you can leave a word when you’ve read ‘Another Dimension’ on so that I know you’ve read. I’ll be glad to know that. My desire is that “Another Dimension” be made into an animated movie. It’ll be great to see these characters interacting in a movie. I know it shall be done because this is the operation of faith and in partnership, all things shall be manifest in Christ.

Before the publication of “Another Dimension” beginning with the “Prelude”, there will be a number of previews. This advertisement is to give you an idea of its content. These will appear under titles: “Another Dimension Preview 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.” Within the long interval between chapters, there will be a preview to announce the next chapter so nobody gets bored of waiting and forgets. Let’s sell our product so that it has a wide scope and impact every one on planet earth. We are partners for life. I am Margaret Newmeli and you all are my partners. You are blessed in Christ.

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